Beautiful Butterfly Photography Collection

I’m very glad to be in this world where certain hobbies are pretty much banned and very much frowned upon. Where I work we sometimes get old collections from a bygone age that we have to find new owners for. Often they go to museums if there is a rare species in them, or another collector, but at least the are not new! This lovely collection of butterflies had unfortunate fates but they are just so beautiful I had to gently take them out of their cases and take some close up photographs on white background, in hope that they could be used in projects and crafts, so their early ends were not in vain. Humm, probably not selling these very well am I! But it’s good to be truthful about these things! The collection is available at Design Bundles, currently with 50% off my shop, and Creative Fabrica!

Butterfly Close Up Photograph on White Background Collection Download by Squeeb Creative

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