Meow? Do Not Disturb The Cat Nip

Ever had a cat that just had TOO much of a good time? This one has. Catnip, fish, mouse toy. Seriously do not disturb this ginger wonder kitten, looks like he needs a very good kip!

Catnip Cartoon Ginger Cat Do Not Disturb Shelly Still

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Magical Mushrooms and Toadstool Cartoon Collection!

How many of these characters have you seen on your woodland walks recently? It sure has been the time for these magic mushrooms and toadstools to feed off the dead leaves and enjoy the wet ground, and even the… err… animal poo, they sometimes like that too! I’ve been coming up with loads of fun designs and characters and have created a set of 75 different designs as an instant download for all you lovely crafters and scrapbookers! Find it at Design Bundles at Let me know which one is your favourite!

Magic mushroom and toadstool cartoon collection by Squeeb Creative

Pacman Lowbrow Cartoon

I used to love playing Pacman when I was a kid (yes, I’m old, and loving it!). I was a hardcore ZX Spectrum lover though, but I can’t remember many iconic characters coming from them, apart from Dizzy Egg, and maybe Jet Set Willie. My all time favourite game has to be Feud, two warring druids running around trying to find herbs to create spells to kill the other druid. I can still remember the full map in my head. I’ve tried the spells, they don’t work, so really I don’t think I need this information still in my head. Maybe if I drink a bit more it will eventually fall out… Annnnnyway, iconic imagery in gaming, I think Pacman has it for being the first character to be identifiable world wide. This is my lowbrow cartoon mix up of that little yellow dude!

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The Robots Are Coming! Cartoon Collection Part 2

Ohhh, we all knew part two was coming, right? I mean what’s the point of a part one without a part two? As mentioned in the last blog I got stuck in the bedroom for a looooong time with only pen, pad and iPad and nothing else to do. Actually it was really refreshing not to be chained next to a desk all day and having no real distractions (and no internet, did I tell you the internet was off too??). But anyway here is part two of the crazy robots I came up with in lockdown lockdown, hope you enjoy them! You can buy instant file downloads from Design Bundles at

Cartoon robot downloads Squeeb Creative
Cartoon robot downloads Squeeb Creative