Feet and Tongue Monsters! Cartoon Fun

I watch too many cartoons, I love The Real Ghostbusters and about 99% of my imagination comes from 80s cartoons. Ahhh, feels better to get that off my chest. Here are some wild imaginary characters from the vaults!

Foot Tongue Lick Monster Ghost Cartoon Illustration Squeeb Creative

Would you like your toes licked, by a foot, with eyes? This monster cartoon is actually my pure nightmare. If I ever saw it move I’d run screaming!

Mouth Tongue Eye Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Monster Squeeb Creative

This cartoon doodle monster is totally inspired by The Real Ghostbusters. It’s a mash up of three of the ghosts. Think I have a tongue fetish at the moment though, love drawing them too much!

Eye Tounge Lick Monster Cartoon Squeeb Creative

Another tongue, too many eyes. How does this cartoon monster doodle get around, does it lick the floor, does it float? Makes me shudder. Why are there hairs on it’s tongue!

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