Collections and Bundles

Holographic Stars Background Photography Collection

I found some awesome holographic paper hidden away when I was having a clear out of boxes. Thought it would make awesome backgrounds for crafters and artists so created a collection that’s now available at Design Bundles (on 30% off this month too!) and Creative Fabrica

Holographic Stars Background Photography Collection by Squeeb Creative

Monocle Moon and His Cartoon Friends

I had so much fun doodling these lunar characters. You could say I suffered lunar-cy… (I’ll get my coat). Meet Pac-Moon, Monocle moon and all their friends. Sketched on paper then drawn on Procreate they are available with our without backgrounds as an instant download on Design Bundles. Go grab a galaxy of fun for your projects!

Cartoon Collection of moons Lunar Illustration Squeeb Creative
Cartoon Collection of pencil sketch moons Lunar Illustration Squeeb Creative
Original drawings! Excuse the shocking state of my desk!
Cartoon Collection of moons Lunar Illustration Squeeb Creative
Cartoon Monocle Moon Lunar Illustration Squeeb Creative

Random Cartoon – A Bucket of Tribbles!

Who didn’t love the Tribbles in Star Trek? Ok ok, and Deep Space Nine. These were my favourite alien as a child, mind you I loved guinea pigs and Ewoks too… Seeing a theme there maybe! Anyway, here’s a bucket of them! Don’t pick it up if you’re a Romulan!