Low-fi Lowbrow Cartoon Doodle Acorns and Zombies

I guess sometimes you need to just let your mind to a bit of wandering. Where the hell mine wandered to I do not know! Fruit and acorns? Zombie fingers and mouth. Someone might get a good psychological case out of this one! Stickers, and other yums available at TeePublic!

Low-fi Lowbrow Cartoon Doodle Acorns and Zombies by Squeeb Creative

Pacman Lowbrow Cartoon

I used to love playing Pacman when I was a kid (yes, I’m old, and loving it!). I was a hardcore ZX Spectrum lover though, but I can’t remember many iconic characters coming from them, apart from Dizzy Egg, and maybe Jet Set Willie. My all time favourite game has to be Feud, two warring druids running around trying to find herbs to create spells to kill the other druid. I can still remember the full map in my head. I’ve tried the spells, they don’t work, so really I don’t think I need this information still in my head. Maybe if I drink a bit more it will eventually fall out… Annnnnyway, iconic imagery in gaming, I think Pacman has it for being the first character to be identifiable world wide. This is my lowbrow cartoon mix up of that little yellow dude!

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