Benny The Christmas Chocolate Penny

Ahh Christmas. That time when you accept bad chocolate if it’s wrapped up in shiny foil. I love the chocolate coins! Holds a good memory of little bags of them hanging on the Christmas tree… But the chocolate? Bluuuugh, but we all eat it!! It’s a festive memory taste!

Benny Bad Penny is up to something, I’m not sure what, but just beware!

Benny Bad Penny Christmas Chocolate Coin Cartoon Illustration By Squeeb Creative

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Hairy Ball S*cks (Should I Have Typed That?)

Ohhh it’s one of those days when you think you’re coming up with rather cute furry alien creatures and you then realise you’ve just draw ball sacks. Hairy ball sacks. D’oh! Putting up for pure amusement. Collection available at Design Bundles!

Hairy Egg Cartoon Ball Sack Alien Character Squeeb Creative
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New Cartoon Bundle – Poop and Dookie!

yeah, I know, a bit gross, but we all do it, in all forms, so we might as well have a laugh about it! What’s your favourite name for it? Poo, poop, dookie, turd… I wont go into the ruder ones!

Bundle available to buy at Design Bundles! and on special offer at the moment!

Poop and Dookie! Cartoon poo by Squeeb Creative