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Easter Time! Easter Egg SVG Illustration Collection

It’s already been Easter here. All the other half wanted for his birthday a week ago was Easter eggs, and boy did he get enough chocolate to sink a ship. Thankfully he can devour chocolate like no other and the ship is safe. There is now no sign those poor eggs ever existed. So I thought I would create some fun and slightly abstract Easter egg illustrations for you to download and put on cards, or make stickers, or decorations. Loads of fun ideas to be made! They are at Design Bundles at 50% off at the moment, with the rest of my shop, so go have a look and a very early Happy Easter!

Easter Time! Easter Egg SVG Illustration Collection FREE DOWNLOAD squeeb creative

Collections and Bundles

Messy Ink Blot Splatters SVG, EPS, PNG, JPG Files

I would like to say that no carpet got damaged in the making of these ink splatters… Cause these were made with actual ink! I was not messing around… Well, I was, I was having a lot of fun. I’m really glad the vector conversion kept the splatters realistic! Available as a set at Design Bundles now! In SVG, PNG, EPS and JPG format

Collections and Bundles

Funny Fingerprint Print Bean Cartoon Characters

Have you spent so long in this latest lockdown staring at your fingers so hard you start inventing imaginary characters on your fingerprints… No? Just me then I guess! Ohh it’s been fun drawing these little dude and dudettes. I’ve refrained from naming them all, but can you guess which one is called Bob. Bob Thumb.

Collection available at Design Bundles, with 50% off at the moment! So go add these little guys into your crafting fun! I can see these as stickers! But then I can also see them walking around on the floor… Help! I’ve finally cracked under the pressure of lockdown!

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Magical Mushrooms and Toadstool Cartoon Collection!

How many of these characters have you seen on your woodland walks recently? It sure has been the time for these magic mushrooms and toadstools to feed off the dead leaves and enjoy the wet ground, and even the… err… animal poo, they sometimes like that too! I’ve been coming up with loads of fun designs and characters and have created a set of 75 different designs as an instant download for all you lovely crafters and scrapbookers! Find it at Design Bundles at Let me know which one is your favourite!

Magic mushroom and toadstool cartoon collection by Squeeb Creative