Holographic Stars Background Photography Collection

I found some awesome holographic paper hidden away when I was having a clear out of boxes. Thought it would make awesome backgrounds for crafters and artists so created a collection that’s now available at Design Bundles https://designbundles.net/squeebcreative/1461270-32-holographic-stars-photography-backgrounds (on 30% off this month too!) and Creative Fabrica https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/32-holographic-stars-photographs/ref/940640/.

Holographic Stars Background Photography Collection by Squeeb Creative

Shine On Glitter Girl – Sequin Bokeh Photography Bundle

Got to love a bit of shine and glitter in your designs! I have a collection of 20 shiny sequin photographs in a bundle collection on sale now at Design Bundles https://designbundles.net/squeebcreative/1459634-20-sequin-bokeh-shiny-dots-and-spots-background and Creative Fabrica https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/20-sequin-bokeh-shiny-dots-and-spots/! Go get some glitter in your life!

Sequin Bokeh Photography Bundle Collection for Backgrounds Squeeb Creative

Shiny Festive Background Photography Collection

One day my art studio will come, one day… Ahhh still waiting to move house at the moment and all my paints are in storage, so for the foreseeable it will be sorting out my years of photographs and making epic bundles that are for sale for crafters and artists to use and abuse! (ok, maybe not abuse…). This one is rather festive I guess! A massive collection of 100 coloured shiny backgrounds! Available at Design Bundles https://designbundles.net/squeebcreative/1461416-100-shiny-foil-festive-backgrounds (with 30% off at the moment!) and Creative Fabrica https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/100-shiny-foil-backgrounds/. We all love preparing for Christmas early, so get your digital shine on!

shiny 100 festive foil backgrounds Shiny by Squeeb Creative
shiny 100 festive foil backgrounds Shiny by Squeeb Creative gold