Slug Got The Blues

You can probably tell by the lines on this doodle that I drank WAY too much cold coffee today. Way too much. I’m not sure I’m as blue as this slug, though from the frantic robins in our garden finding grubs and bugs for their young I’m thinking he’s a bit worried about being their lunch!

Sad slug doodle sketch by Squeeb Creative

Post Christmas Turkey Pie?

Don’t worry! This pie has just told me he is chicken and pea! No more turkey, no more! no wonder we only really have turkey once a year. I’m too full to even think about pastry right now! Maybe we should all go for a walk instead!

cartoon Chicken and pea Pie Comic Illustration By Squeeb Creative

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Lowbrow Lofi Art Cartoon Spider Lime

And to carry on with the WTF doodles I introduce Spider Lime. I love letting rip on mad ideas. Do what you love! 

Lowbrow Lofi Art Cartoon Spider Lime by Squeeb Creative

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I am loving the hot pink t-shirt version!

Lowbrow Lofi Art Cartoon Spider Lime by Squeeb Creative

Hairy Ball S*cks (Should I Have Typed That?)

Ohhh it’s one of those days when you think you’re coming up with rather cute furry alien creatures and you then realise you’ve just draw ball sacks. Hairy ball sacks. D’oh! Putting up for pure amusement. Collection available at Design Bundles! https://designbundles.net/michellestillcreates/1322486-cartoon-hairy-egg-ball-sack-illustration-character

Hairy Egg Cartoon Ball Sack Alien Character Squeeb Creative