Save the Bees – Golden Hour Photography in the Garden

Save the bees, golden hour photography macro image of a bee on a white flower by Squeeb Creative

My illustration mind seems to be taking a bit of a break this weekend, so I decided to get out in the golden hour of sun on this Sunday afternoon and try to capture our friendly bees. One day I will get the perfect shot, one day… Currently staying at my mums and she has more of a wild meadow vibe to her garden, which means so many insects and bees make their home here.

Collections and Bundles

Crystal Therapy – Collection of Crystal Gems

When I was a teen I really got into crystals and crystal therapy, so gathered a collection and beautiful stones. I still think there maybe something in the idea of crystals holding some sort of ‘magic’, and also they are so nice to look at and hold. So I thought I would try and capture the beauty of the inside of the crystals and ended up with a collection of beautiful images. I have a collection now for instant download at Design Bundles.

Crystal Therapy - Collection of Crystal Gems by Squeeb Creative