The Robots Are Coming! Cartoon Collection Part 1

Oh wow, it’s amazing how many cartoon robots you can come up with when you’re trapped in your bedroom with just pen, paper and Procreate for 10 hours. Don’t worry, didn’t lock myself in, someone was repairing the stairs and it was either be upstairs with toilet access, or downstairs with the beer (I tookContinue reading “The Robots Are Coming! Cartoon Collection Part 1”

Christmas Cactus Cartoon Collection

I’m sure you were as surprised as I was to find out that cacti absolutely LOOOOOVE Christmas! Give them a Santa hat and they will wear it all year round if they could, and some of them do. I mean would you try taking a hat off a prickly cactus? Nope, me either, you wouldContinue reading “Christmas Cactus Cartoon Collection”

Cartoon Fishes and Sharks! Design Bundles Collection

All the fishes in the sea… Well, I’m not sure I’ve seen these fishes swimming on any nature programmes, but I wish I could! A collection of cartoon fish and sharks are available as PNG and SVG files at Design Bundles! and currently on offer! Add some fun fins to your designs! If youContinue reading “Cartoon Fishes and Sharks! Design Bundles Collection”

Freeky Boo Fruity Surprise

It’s actually quite worrying what happens when you start doodling in front of Columbo. I expected at least a cigar, or raincoat, but nope, a little bit of orange and a lot of WTF have I been drinking? Answers on a postcard please! T-shirts, stickers and other yums can be found on Society 6 (HERE)Continue reading “Freeky Boo Fruity Surprise”