Mega Slimer Montage Real Ghostbusters Stickers Selling Fast!

I only have 13 mega montage Slimer stickers left in my Etsy store! 13!! Wow they sold out super fast. I wont be making any more stickers now due to a little shift in life, so this will be the last chance to grab yourself one! Everything in the store is currently 25% off with free delivery in the UK, so go now or be forever wishing you busted that ghost! Maybe in the future I might make a run of some Real Ghostbusters designs I have been working on, have to see where life takes me the next year!

Slimer The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Character Lowbrow Sticker fan art by Squeeb Creative

Abstract Tie Dye Watercolour Doodle Art

Quite different to my usual character doodles, but I’ve been having so much fun exploring abstract doodles this week I thought I’d mix it with some watercolours and see what I get! I know where I want to take it, to the beach! It’s very boho. I have a few interesting pens coming my way in the next few days so I may be taking a long trip back into pen and ink drawings for a while. Hold on to your seats. What do you think of the new experiment?

Abstract Tie Dye Boho Watercolour Doodle Art Shelly Still Squeeb Creative

Gorgeous prints, stickers and clothes available at Redbubble and Society 6

Jelly Boletta – Can Can! (Cartoon Monday)

How can you deny the beauty of Jelly Boletta? Her graceful legs, dagger emerald green eyes, and that wobbly… Well… She wobbles all over! Currently employed at the Molin Splooge as their top Can-Can dancer. Loves, cigarettes, money and fame.

Thought I’d start making funny characters with some weird back stories just for the giggle of it! We all need a laugh, and if I get someone else to laugh too then it’s a bonus. I just love making these cartoons.