Spray Paint Guinea Pigs

It’s the usual… Think to myself ‘oh, I’ll draw some cute guinea pigs today’ and get bored and spray paint the critters! Great fun though having an experiment.

T-shirts, stickers and other yums can be found on Society 6 (HERE) Red Bubble (HERE) and TeePublic (HERE) or click on the piggy photos for direct links!

New Cartoon Bundle – Poop and Dookie!

yeah, I know, a bit gross, but we all do it, in all forms, so we might as well have a laugh about it! What’s your favourite name for it? Poo, poop, dookie, turd… I wont go into the ruder ones!

Bundle available to buy at Design Bundles! https://designbundles.net/squeebcreative/products and on special offer at the moment!

Pretty Vintage Roses Repeating Patterns

I’ve been spending the months trying to renovate my house. Most walls had at least three layers of wallpaper, going back to the 60s. It was pretty fun going through the colours of the decades, but then I found a rose pattern. Not that it was beautiful, but I loved the shapes and thought I would make some abstract versions. They just ended up looking awesome in blacks and reds so I thought I would make some wallpapers of it myself! Prints and lots of other glorious things like cushions, wallpaper, cards, avaliable at Society 6 (Click here)and RedBubble (Click here)!

Let me know what you think! I always enjoy making some fun patterns. The patterns are also avaliable as fabrics, get in touch with me at shellystill@outlook.com!