New Hatchlings! Easter Chicks Logo Collection!

The Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are in full flow in the shops (and in my belly!) so I thought it time to make some cute Easter chicks! In colour and black and white these designs are available at Design Bundles right now for all your crafting needs! In SVG, EPS, JPG and PNG files there are 20 designs. Super fun. Would love to see what you make with them! Sale now on in my shop!

Cartoon Easter Chick Illustration Icon Collection by Squeeb Creative

Pizza Pizza Pizza! Illustration Collection

I’ve not had pizza for 19 days now. 19 days. I’ve been on a ‘fitness’ frenzy with a few friends over Whatapp. We’ve been pushing each other to get our asses in gear and do some sort of exercise each day like biking, rowing, weights… And because of this I am trying to be healthy. And when you deny yourself of the things you love you end up OBSESSING over them. I swear the cheese is winking at me. Sooooo anyway, this is my new illustration set on Design Bundles now! Seven different cartoon pizza designs for instant download for you to make into stickers, or cards, or maybe just drool over! Honestly I will break and order one this weekend, my will power is far too small to make it a month!

Cartoon Pizza Slice SVG Illustration Collection by Squeeb Creative
Eat Me Cartoon Pizza Slice SVG Illustration Collection by Squeeb Creative

Messy Ink Blot Splatters SVG, EPS, PNG, JPG Files

I would like to say that no carpet got damaged in the making of these ink splatters… Cause these were made with actual ink! I was not messing around… Well, I was, I was having a lot of fun. I’m really glad the vector conversion kept the splatters realistic! Available as a set at Design Bundles now! In SVG, PNG, EPS and JPG format