Pink Petal Flower Background Collections

Why is it when you think ‘oh, I’d best tidy my hard drive’ you are there three days later renaming your photography images and illustrations cause you have been far too slack the past three months to keep up with it. Also when will you ever learn? OK, when will I ever learn? #never. On top of that a passion fruit flower blossomed in the garden, so that was a good 15 minutes of distraction trying to photograph a bee landing on it, this is my best shot…

Are you looking at me, Bee in Passionflower flower by Squeeb Creative
Are you looking at me, Bee in Passionflower flower

Speaking of photography though I have created some beautiful pink petal and blossom photography download collections for my shops at Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica. I love flowers but heaven knows what these are, but they would make lush backgrounds for Valentines Day (too soon?) or wedding and engagement designs. Let me know what you think, and click on the photos for links, or check out the links below!

50 Pink Flower Blossom Photographs
40 Pink Flower Blossom Photographs


Save the Bees – Golden Hour Photography in the Garden

Save the bees, golden hour photography macro image of a bee on a white flower by Squeeb Creative

My illustration mind seems to be taking a bit of a break this weekend, so I decided to get out in the golden hour of sun on this Sunday afternoon and try to capture our friendly bees. One day I will get the perfect shot, one day… Currently staying at my mums and she has more of a wild meadow vibe to her garden, which means so many insects and bees make their home here.