Save the Bees – Golden Hour Photography in the Garden

Save the bees, golden hour photography macro image of a bee on a white flower by Squeeb Creative

My illustration mind seems to be taking a bit of a break this weekend, so I decided to get out in the golden hour of sun on this Sunday afternoon and try to capture our friendly bees. One day I will get the perfect shot, one day… Currently staying at my mums and she has more of a wild meadow vibe to her garden, which means so many insects and bees make their home here.

Smooth Pond Newt Photography Collection

Back to the pond for me! These little critters were a lot faster than the big frogs from my last blog! Also they loved to hold bits of other pond life. I finally found a little newt that was willing to sit still on the big white plate I use. I think the was just happy to sun himself for a bit. But he soon got bored and made such a fast exit I nearly threw my camera in the pond! Collection available as an instant download at Design Bundles!

Smooth Pond Newt Photography Collection by Squeeb Creative