Smooth Pond Newt Photography Collection

Back to the pond for me! These little critters were a lot faster than the big frogs from my last blog! Also they loved to hold bits of other pond life. I finally found a little newt that was willing to sit still on the big white plate I use. I think the was just happy to sun himself for a bit. But he soon got bored and made such a fast exit I nearly threw my camera in the pond! Collection available as an instant download at Design Bundles!

Smooth Pond Newt Photography Collection by Squeeb Creative

Common Garden Frog Photography Collection

I miss my old pond, even though there did seem to be an awful lot of things that wanted to drown themselves in there, still I’m sure the nutrients gave the pond the extra edge for the many newts and frogs thriving in there! It was one of those ponds at the very end of a long garden that had been neglected for years. I found newt and frog skeletons under rocks from the mists of time… I ended up taking a big white plate down there and went hunting for slimeys. Had great fun with this handsome chap, he was happy to keep still for me and just chill out on the plate while I flashed him (with the camera flash, obviously). I thought i would bundle them together and create a downloadable set. Now at Design Bundles!

Common Garden Frog Photography Collection Squeeb Creative
Common Garden Frog Photography Collection
Common Garden Frog Photography Collection